Monday, May 16, 2016

Winding Down Second and Seventh Grades

Last Friday, Alyssa attended the Jr. High dance. She didn’t go with a boy, good heavens, who do you think she is, some kind of teenager or something? No, she went with a group of girlfriends.

The day before the dance, I went to a Toledo Mud Hens game with Alyssa and the rest of the Jr. High choir. It was actually a lot of fun. But can I just say right here that thirteen year old girls never stop eating? At least, they don’t when food is pretty much constantly available. Yikes! But still, so much fun. I felt very lucky that Alyssa actually wanted me to go with her. I even got to ride the bus! There were two other parents along for the ride and we all commented on how lucky we are that our kids still want us around.

Tonight (Monday) we have Alyssa’s band and choir concert.

Wednesday, Olivia’s school (yep, the whole school) is celebrating a year of reading by going to a Tin Caps game. What’s with all the flipping baseball? I really want to know.

Friday, Olivia’s class (well, the entire elementary school) is having their field day, which is just an afternoon of crazy fun in the field outside the school. I always take the afternoon off to spend with her (in the past with Alyssa) while she frolics with her classmates. I don’t call them ‘friends’ because, well, we’re talking about Olivia here.

Next Monday, we are attending the FIRST EVER Jr High academics award. I capitalized those words because that’s what the invitation said. They weren’t actually capitalized on the invitation but they were set apart, so…yeah. That should be fun and interesting.

Second grade has been eventful for Olivia. She’s growing up faster than I can stand. She’s worked hard this year. Her reading is as awesome as ever. Her math…well, she works very hard. She wants to do well and she wants to understand. What more can we ask of her, really?

Alyssa, well, she’s far surpassed anything we could have thought to ask of her this year. She’s been on the high honor roll every single grading period, with more A+s than As even. She practices her flute more than we ask her to (for reals, there are times when we’d like to ask her to STOP practicing but we never do, because, duh, we’re supportive parents and all.) She practices her piccolo WAY more than we ask of her. In fact, just last week, she had me laughing when she mentioned that she needs earplugs for when she practices the piccolo. Hahahaha!! She defended her comment by saying, “But it’s so loud and high pitched and it’s RIGHT there by my ear.”

Yeah, kiddo, we hear you. Believe me, we hear you.

As we wind down second and seventh grades, I’m excited to see what third and eighth bring us.

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Julie said...

Yay for awesome kids! :) I'm glad you are there to support your girlies.