Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Alyssa's Latest Obsession (Spoiler: It's Z Nation)

I could have sworn I wrote a post a while ago all about why I let Alyssa watch Z Nation even though I don’t let her watch The Walking Dead. Two words explain it all: Zombie Baby. As in, Z Nation is only two seasons in and yet each season has had its own zombie baby.

In other words, this show takes itself way less seriously than The Walking Dead. Are there creepy, gross zombies and scary moments? Sure, but it’s not nearly as harrowing as some of the things the characters on The Walking Dead face and I’m not talking about zombies at all now.

So yes, I’ve let Alyssa watch both seasons of Z Nation…um, several times. She’s obsessed, I tell you. When I get home each evening, I find out she’s watched six hours of Z Nation, probably most of at least one of the seasons. She tells me about mistakes she’s found, expressions on Roberta Warren’s (played by the amazing, beautiful Kellita Smith) face that she’d (Alyssa) missed the first seven times she watched that particular episode.

She loves the humor of this show, the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously (see above re Zombie Babies) and that there is even a little bit of romance.

The first season had Warren and Garnett. Alyssa wasn’t sure about Charlie Garnett at first. Was he really worthy of Warren and her awesomeness but by the third episode Thomas Everett Scott’s portrayal captured her love. Alas, he doesn’t make it beyond the sixth (or is it the seventh? Alyssa would know) episode of the first season.

But don’t fear our intrepid Roberta Warren had been given a new love interest in the second season, in the dreamy form of Javier Vasquez (played by Matt Cedeño), an emotionally wounded loner who wants a piece of The Murphy. Alyssa is a big fan of ‘ship-names and so has decided that Warsquez NEEDS to happen. I can only shake my head in awe of the thirteen year old mind.

Oh yes, wait! Let’s not forget Murphy and his blue awesomeness. He’s the father of second season’s zombie baby, which is just all sorts of fun. Murphy is the sole survivor of a zombie bite. He was given an experimental drug which makes him immune to zombie bites AND lets him control zombies (kind of, if there aren’t too many) telepathically.

It’s fun to listen to Alyssa talk about these characters because she seems to love them all. There’s Addison Carver aka Addie (portrayed by Anastasia Baranova) who kicks some serious zombie ass with her z-wacker, a baseball bat that has spikes on the end. There’s Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), an aging hippy with a knowledge of pharmaceuticals.

Alyssa has a soft spot for 10K, a young guy who just can’t find a girlfriend in the post-apocalyptic world. On the bright side, 10K has the shooting ability of a trained sniper and his name comes from the fact that he plans to kill ten thousand zombies.

I love the fact that this show references a lot of pop-culture. In one episode, there’s a reference to a dirty guy on a motorcycle with a crossbow.

Another episode has a character named Dan Scully. This guy is in Roswell, Nevada hunting aliens, of course. This same episode mentioned a guy from Riverside, Iowa claiming to be a starship captain.

There’s just so much fun to be had in watching this show and so somehow I don’t mind that she’s sitting around on her summer break watching it over and over.

Okay, so I might be a bad mom after all.

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