Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Intervention - Almost Done

It appears that in the five years since Alyssa went to summer intervention, things have changed a bit and Miss Lyss is sort of pissed about those changes.

See, Olivia comes home every single day and reports on the fun things they did, the awesome, creative snacks they had and how great the morning was.

Alyssa, on the other hand, laments that the only thing she got to eat the entire two weeks she attended summer intervention was toast she’d made herself to take to the school and eat during snack time.

I laugh at her because this complaint sounds so much like the whole, “Back in my day…” complaints but yeah, she’s probably not exaggerating.

The teachers live and learn and evolve and this year they’ve made summer intervention fun. Olivia is learning even as she’s having fun and that’s the whole point of summer intervention.

But as much fun as she’s having, she’s looking forward to being done on Friday this week. Of course, being done with summer intervention means we’re that much closer to her surgery next week to remove her tonsils and adenoids. She’s not nervous about this at all. In fact, she’s excited about the blood draw on Saturday because she gets to pick out a DracuLaura doll at Walmart. She’s been thinking about this doll for weeks.

I think because Alyssa went through this surgery, Olivia is heading into it with no worries. I’m glad for that. I’ll worry enough for both of us.

For now, we’re finishing out her last week of summer intervention. She argues with me about what she’s going to wear each morning (asking if she’s already worn that shirt or those shorts to summer intervention, because, don’t you know, summer intervention is like the awards show, you can’t wear the same thing twice.

She’s coming home with projects (we have to work with her on counting money…ugh) and stories about what everyone wore that day, who had matching flip flops, what their snack was and how it played into the lessons of the day.

I am in awe of these teachers. They give so much all year long and then step up and give even more for the summer. I knew, way back when I was an education major in October of my fifth year of college that teaching was not for me. I couldn’t have done what these amazing people do. I didn’t want to. But I’m so grateful that they did want to do it all and that they continue to want to do it and make it such a treat for the kids.


Julie said...

I love this picture of her! She looks so much like you and it's amazing how grown up she looks.

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