Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Intervention

Every single day last week, when my alarm went off at 6:00am, Olivia was up and ready to start the day. She had no reason to be awake that early, she just was because, yeah, she’s a morning person.

Summer intervention started today. I had to wake that child up at 6:40 and she acted like she’d only gotten a couple of hours of sleep.

Why is it on days when she has to be up and ready at a specific time, I have to wake Olivia up and drag her little butt out of bed but on the days when she could sleep in, she wakes up on her own at 5:55, five minutes before my alarm goes off and is by my side the entire morning while I get ready for work?

Well, now that I’ve gotten that little pet peeve off my chest…

About a month before school let out for the summer, Olivia brought home a paper that invited her to take part in the summer intervention program. It’s two weeks in June, two weeks in July and one week in August during which the kids go to school from 8am to 11am and work with the teachers they had the previous year and the teachers they will be with in the coming year.

When Alyssa was in second grade she was invited to take part in this program and we sent her even though it pissed her off that she had to go to ‘Summer School.’

I insisted then just as I insist now that it’s not Summer School, it is Summer Intervention. It’s a chance for the kid work on the things they learned during the previous year and give them a bit of a head start on what they’ll be learning next year.

I mean, yes, duh, of course it’s summer school but I want her to actually do the work and maintain all the things she worked so hard last year and we say she’s going to summer intervention.

Alyssa thinks it’s awesome that Olivia has to go since she, Alyssa had to go way back when. Olivia thinks it sucks and honestly, I’m okay with that. Sure, I like it when my kids are happy but I also like it when they’re learning and behaving and so off to summer intervention she went this morning.

And she’ll be fine. She’ll be more than fine, she’ll continue to learn and grow. For that, I’ll take her being a little pissed off at me. It’s kind of my job to make my kids mad once in a while. After all, it is for their own good.

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Julie said...

I really like this idea! I hope it goes well!!