Monday, June 20, 2016

One Step Closer

We had Olivia’s pre-op blood draw on Saturday.

Can I stop right here and say how amazing the lab personnel at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital in Angola, Indiana is? The woman who drew Olivia’s blood was so kind, so gentle, and so good with Olivia. I was so grateful to this woman for making a painful experience less stressful for my sweet girl.

Though, to be honest, Olivia wasn’t all that stressed out over a little needle prick. She was more excited about her Draculaura doll that was promised to her after the blood was drawn. She did flinch when the needle pierced her skin but I was distracting her, keeping her from looking at the actual needle and she did very well.

The phlebotomist actually gave me kudos for preparing Olivia for the prick of pain that happens when you’re stabbed with a needle.

She said that there are some parents who tell their kids that it doesn’t hurt. I suppose I understand not wanting your kid to worry and maybe there is less fighting if the kids think it won’t hurt. But it DOES hurt and I’m lucky in that my kids accept that, accept that it won’t hurt for long and just deal.

So we dealt and we’re one step closer to Wednesday when those tonsils and adenoids come out.

And without further ado, here's O with her beloved Draculaura (she chose the doll from the Monster High movie The Great Scarrier Reef, so yeah, Dracula's daughter has a tail.)


Swistle said...

Oh, I SO dislike when people tell my kids that a shot or blood-draw needle won't hurt! It DOES hurt! It DOES!

Also, I have one kid who gets his blood drawn frequently, and our pediatrician told me in front of that kid that in children, sugar reduces pain: that if he sucked on a lollipop, the needle stick would hurt less. I think this is partly true, partly distraction, partly very effective placebo, and lollipops are now part of every blood draw.

Julie said...

She'll be a rock star on Wednesday!! And then you can stop stressing about it.