Saturday, October 6, 2018


Yesterday at work, I was in pain, not horrible pain, definitely endurable but pain nonetheless. I thought to myself, "I wish someone could look at me and see my pain."

You know, like a superpower (that poor person) where someone could see heat spots on people, where they were hurting.

But then it hit me.

God sees our pain.

Not to get all theological and all but I believe. I pray every single day and I believe there is a greater being looking out for all of us and that there is something beyond this physical world.

So this belief helped me yesterday as endured my pain.

I realized in that moment that God sees everyone's pain and He probably FEELS our pain right along with us. We are never alone in our pain. How greatly He must hurt. The pain He must endure as our worlds burns, as it floods, as people hurt each other and kill each other and hate each other. I can't even imagine.

My pain, whether it is physical or emotional, is endurable because I have God on my side. He is probably carrying most of my pain at all times.

I am so grateful for that moment of clarity during a long work day.

I have to believe there is more good in this world than bad. I have to believe there is more love than pain. I have to believe that more people want to do go than those who want to do bad. I have to believe there are more good men than bad and more good women than bad. I have to believe that we ALL want to be better parents, better spouses, better friend. I have to believe that because I believe in a benevolent God who put us here to love and live and laugh and do to all those things even in the face of the bad that comes our way.

He sees our pain and He feels it right along with us. He loves us and wants better for us. I have to believe that.