Friday, November 2, 2018

Fitting It All In

These next few weeks are going to be busy. Livie and I leave for Bloomington immediately after school/work on Friday, November 2 for the IUDM. We’ll be there until Sunday morning. We’ll stop in Auburn (a town about 40 minutes from home) and buy groceries on our way home.

When we get home, I’ll unload the groceries, the luggage, start some laundry and head to Defiance, where Alyssa will be performing in an honors choir.

The weekend of November 10-11, we’re all (all being me, Liv, Lyss and Naomi) heading to West Lafayette for the PUDM. That’s only Saturday night and into Sunday so we can pack on Friday night and leave around 11 or noon on Saturday.

The weekend after that is the school play, which is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’ve signed up to do hair and makeup so I’ll be just as busy as Alyssa in the hours before the play. I also signed up to take food for the actors on Thursday, yay for them, getting to eat something I cook. Ha!

The weekend after the play is Thanksgiving and then we have Olivia’s birthday the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Whew.

Along with all this, obviously, I’m back to working full-time, 40+ hours a week. That leaves little time for things like, oh, cleaning the house, laundry, groceries (I’m figuring that one out.) Alyssa needs a costume for the play that is in three weeks. I need to schedule flu shots for the entire family. I have a mammogram next Monday, I’m pretty sure the girls have orthodontic appointments Tuesday. My birthday is Wednesday.

So much to do!!!

I’ve been trying to chip away at the list. I hit up Good Will on Tuesday to try and find costume items for Alyssa’s Customer #2 character. They’re doing The Little Shop of Horrors, which is set in the early-ish 1960s. I kind of figure Customer #2 is somewhere in her mid to late twenties. I spent maybe ten minutes in Good Will and came out with a wool skirt, a cardigan and a button up blouse, all varying shades of beige. Alyssa told me several times, “I’m not supposed to look nice, the shop is on Skid Row.”

So yes, beige it is.

My mom has some brown shoes that are perfect with the costume and we’re set. It only cost me $11, which I have to say, I’m very proud of. Go me!!

Now we just have to figure out how we’re going to do her hair. That ought to be fun.

I’m tired just thinking about all this. Alas, I guess I will sleep on Friday, November 23rd. I’m penciling it in on the calendar just so we don’t schedule anything else at this point.

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