Monday, November 5, 2018

The State of My Hair

Because everyone wants to know and also, but mostly, because it drives me crazy on a regular basis.

I actually can’t stand it. It’s awful.

I let it air dry one Saturday evening and the poof was out of control. It was so fluffy I thought it might fly right off my head and join a flock flying south for the winter.

The back…ugh. I wore a scarf one day last week and by the time I got home, the back of my stupid hair had been pushed up so far that it looked like a wig. It was high and out from my head.

The curls are just awful. The top and back is curly but he sides are not. So it’s just so stupid.

I recently threatened to ask one of my fellow Edon mom’s where she gets her hair cut just to put my hair and myself out of our misery.

Alyssa implored me to just fight through the awfulness. The only way to get past the horror story that is my current hair is to continue to let it grow. If I get it cut/trimmed, it will just keep being this short and this awful.

And so I bitch and moan daily about the trauma my hair is causing me.

All this to say, I know I’m lucky it’s growing back and that it’s coming back so thick and fluffy. I know things could be worse. Hell, they HAVE been worse. But it’s my hair and I’ll complain about it if I want to.

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