Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deep Freeze

Here in the Midwest, we’re experiencing sub-zero cold temperatures and if we get even a tenth of an inch more of snow in the next two days we will beat the existing record for the snowiest January on record.

And…the girls have gone to school all of eight days, give or take (but just take, you can’t give because they have not gone more than eight days) this month. It’s been rough.

Well, to be honest, if it’s been rough on anyone, it’s been rough on Tom, he is, after all, the parent who has to care for children when school has been cancelled for the seven hundredth time this month.

I think he’s handling it pretty well, mostly by letting them OD on technology and all that good stuff. The girls certainly aren’t complaining. In fact, they still celebrate each evening when the phones ring and the school is calling to let us know that school is closed again. I don’t think they’ll be celebrating when they’re still in school in the third week of June. But right now, all is grand when you’re seven and eleven and don’t have to go to school for days and days on end.

We have some awesome drifts of snow in our yard but it’s too cold to even go play in them. I know there are those in the northern states and even Canada (ha! As if anyone in Canada reads this) will laugh at that but it’s true. With sub-zero temperature without even calculating in the wind chill factor, we have weather that is no conducive to playing outside, even for a few minutes while bundled up.

So the house is stifling with inactivity. We haven’t even made it to gymnastics all month because of crappy roads, cold winds and too damned much snow.

Why yes, here I am, blogging about the weather. Look at me go.

Alas, there is nothing else more important in our world right this second. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

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