Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Surrounded by Sickies

Tom and I took Olivia to the doctor today. She was complaining that her stomach hurt, she was very pale, she didn’t want dinner last night and she said her ear hurt.

We came out of the doctor’s office with a prescription for an antibiotic. She has swollen lymph nodes, which the doctor reports, indicates an infection. She’s achy and tired and just wants to be held.

Guess who held her through the night? Clue, it wasn’t her dad.

Honestly, I don’t mind holding her when she’s sick. In fact, I feel lucky that I can and that she wants me to do so. I am lucky that my youngest child loves being the baby.

My boss has been out sick for two days with an official diagnosis of H1N1. Yikes! Another employee was out last week with the flu.

I did get a flu shot back in August (the two who are out did not) so I’m hoping it was the right strain to keep me and the rest of my family from getting it. Tom and the girls also got vaccinated. No anti-vaccines warriors around here.

I guess we’re all just trying to stay ahead of the cold and Olivia fell a little behind. Poor baby. I’ll probably get to hold her again tonight.

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