Thursday, January 23, 2014

How We Rock a Two-Hour Delay

I was up at 5:25 this morning, stunned to realize that Olivia had slept all night long with nary a peep. I didn’t have to get up once to go over and rub her back. Wow. Now that I’ve mentioned this, though, she’ll wake me up five times tonight. Wanna bet?

So yes, we were up and dressed and everyone was gathered for breakfast when Alyssa announced, “We have a two-hour delay!”

Wait. What? My phone hadn’t rung. What was up with that?

She’d checked the school website and there it was, a two-hour delay.

I sighed. If I’d known that was happening, I’d have given Livie a bath. She’d had a bath at my mom’s on Monday but I’m not sure she got her hair washed. To look at it, I’d have to say no. I’d been trying to figure out when I’d be able to squeeze in a bath and a shampoo for her this week and it was looking rough, sort of like her hair. Poor kid.

Then I looked at the time and realized that I could still give her a bath. Sure, it would mean taking off the clothes she’d just put on but who cares about that?

So I suggested, “Hey, Liv, wanna take a bath this morning?”

She was up those stairs before I even finished the question.

And forty minutes later, she was traipsing back down the stairs with a clean body, clean dry hair and reclothed, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

I still had time to pack my lunch, warm my car and head to work six minutes early, which was necessary considering the condition of the roads. Yikes, slippery.

Best use of a two-hour delay in recent history.

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