Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Post that Wasn't

Last night at 11:30, I was composing a post in my head with the title, “And one night screws it all up.”

I was composing this because Olivia was sitting up on bed for the second time, calling out to me, asking me to scratch her back. She was also asking to come over and lay in my bed.

I was sure this was going to be the pattern for the night, me settling her down, going back to sleep for a half hour and then her waking up again for a back scratch and/or to come lay with me.

Instead of that happening, she laid back down at my gentle urging (she’s feeling better, by the way. I wasn’t being cruel to my child by making her sleep in a bed with her sister while she (the youngest, not the sister) didn’t feel good.) and didn’t wake up again until 6 this morning. Success!

She slept so well that she felt good enough to go to school today, after a two-hour delay. Sigh. We’re three weeks into January and have not yet had a full week of school.

Speaking of sleep, Alyssa, at eleven, sleeps all night long, never once calling out to me or needing to lay with me or wanting me to rub her back. So…this gives me hope that Olivia, at eleven, could be at that wonderful stage.

All my bitching about Olivia’s sleep habits makes me feel kind of bad because, you know, as compared to some of the people with her syndrome I read about on Facebook and other blogs, she’s pretty much awesome in the sleep department. She falls asleep easily, as long as I’m rubbing her back or scratching her knee or rubbing her back with my right hand while scratching her right knee, wait, her left knee, no, the right one but only on the back of it, with my left hand.

She also stays asleep relatively well. Not as well as Alyssa does but I’m not, at this point, considering medicating her.

Other parents have it so much worse than I do. I know this and know that I’m very lucky. But this luckiness doesn’t take away the tiredness I feel on a pretty regular basis.

So, guiltiness aside, I’m glad she’s sleeping better than ever and so, so grateful that I am too.

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