Friday, January 24, 2014

I Win

Okay, so I’m not sure I did win. Except, if someone had taken me up the bet I offered yesterday, the one where I said she’d wake up several times last night, well, I’d win because she did.

She woke up at least three times last night.

But see, I think maybe it wasn’t all her fault.

We used our last Pull Up the night before last. I had some bigger ones but when Olivia put one on, it was obviously very uncomfortable so we decided to she’d just go Pull Up free last night.

She used the bathroom just before she fell asleep. I had her sleep-pee on the toilet before putting her in bed, probably about two hours after she fell asleep.

The first time she woke up, I should have taken her to the bathroom but she mumbled that she didn’t have to go and I hate to wake a sleeping child. So I didn’t.

She woke up again about an hour later and I went back to rub her back again. Again, she said she didn’t have to pee. My own fault, I tell you.

An hour after that, she woke up and declared, “I am so wet!”

Yes, she was so grossly wet. She’d peed. All over the bed, all over her pajamas, all over her sister, who, poor kid, managed to sleep through the grossness of it all. Alyssa will kill me someday for this, I’m sure.

Olivia climbed over Alyssa, stripped out of her wet, nasty pajamas and climbed into my warm, pee-free bed. Sigh…

I did buy more Pull Ups today so this will not be a problem tonight.

Live and learn, I tell you. Live and learn.

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