Monday, January 13, 2014

Special Features

We love DVDs (yes, we haven’t entered the world of BluRay, we’re always a few years behind as far as technology goes.)

Olivia especially loves it when a DVD has special features. She will watch the special features over and over and over again, peppering in viewings of the entire movie in there a few times just for a bit of variety.

Yesterday it was the special features on the DVD of the televised production of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood.

The special features show the auditions for the kids playing the Von Trapp family as well as commentary from some of the other stars. It’s fun but after six or seven viewings, well, it loses its charm.

But not for Olivia. When her dad asked her why she liked watching the special effects so much she first corrected him, saying she wasn’t watching the special effects, she was watching the special features.

And yes, she had that special, “Duh!” tone in her voice. She’s perfected that one in the last year or so.

Then she told him, “Dad, I like to watch the girl in the pink shirt. She has giant teeth. I don’t even know how she eats with those teeth but she sure can sing.”

Note: This poor child to whom Olivia is referring did not get a role as any of the Von Trapp children.

He laughed and asked where she came up with this stuff.

She was too busy somersaulting toward the television to watch more of the special features to answer.

I think we might be creating a monster.

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Happy Birthday to Alyssa!!