Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Because

We haven’t watched much of the Olympics this year. Instead, we’ve watched back to back to back episodes of The Brady Bunch. We got through season one last week and started on season two a couple of days ago. Alyssa grinned with me at the Brady kids starting singing the theme song at beginning of the first episode of season two.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the Olympics but sometimes, it’s nice to just sit and marvel at the ordinariness of the Brady kids. Those kids were so obnoxious that my eleven year old gets it. They were all so self-centered and yes, often bratty, that it’s just fun to sit back and watch them wallow in the problems they usually create for themselves.

Yesterday afternoon Alyssa caught Olivia humming the opening theme to The Brady Bunch. Alyssa called out, “Mom, look what you’ve done!”

But she said it with a smile so I didn’t take offense. Neither did Olivia.

I’ll almost be sad when the Olympics are over and the other networks finally bring back new episodes of all our usual shows because that might push our watching of The Brady Bunch to the weekends. Though, to be honest, I’m counting down the days to when the new Hannibal season starts. Nine days, in case you’re wondering. I can hardly wait. Though admittedly The Brady Bunch has made the wait a little easier to take.

It’s been fun to watch Alyssa’s reaction to shows I’ve seen over and over again. It’s cute to watch her try to figure out the plot before the story plays out. She’s a smart one, that Alyssa. I’m trying so hard to remind her often of how young eleven really is. The Brady Bunch is helping.

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