Monday, February 3, 2014


I love sharing reruns (or DVDs) of television shows from my youth with my kids.

Alyssa, lucky girl that she is, has seen almost every episode of all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager. She’s also seen every episode of every season of Bewitched as well as Wonder Woman.

I recently ordered the complete set of The Brady Bunch to watch with the girls.

Last weekend, I discovered a DVD of shows from The Carol Burnett Show. Alyssa and I sat down to watch them and we laughed until our stomachs hurt.

She asked later if I had any more to episodes so we could watch more together. I didn’t have any more episodes on DVD so instead we watched a bunch on Youtube. The elephant story as told by Tim Conway has us rolling in laughter.

I love that these things are surviving the test of time. If an eleven year old in 2014 can appreciate the humor of a Carol Burnett sketch, this world isn’t as far gone as one might think.

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Julie said...

My favorite Tim Conway is the dentist sketch.