Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Party Prep

The school the girls attend has three parties are year for grades K through 4. Mothers are asked at the beginning of the year to volunteer to either plan the party or help the planner with the party.

I volunteered to plan the Halloween party and the Christmas party. I was lucky enough to have a co-planner for the Christmas party.

I volunteered to merely help at the Valentine’s day party, which is tomorrow.

Last night while O was in the bath, I used craft tape to adhere six rectangular pieces of felt together. I then used pipe cleaners and more felt and made some arrows. I used fabric paint and made an outline of a cupid on the big, taped-together pieces of felt.

I used more craft tape and attached some felt to the back of two masks, which will serve as blindfolds for my homemade Pin the Arrow on Cupid game. Their kindergartners, I’m lucky they don’t know to expect more from me.

Tonight, I’ll make two sheets of pink Rice Krispie treats which will be chilled and then cut into heart shapes. I’ll trace the outside of the hearts with red frosting and that will be that.

The party is tomorrow because the girls originally had Friday off school. But the school decided to turn that day into a makeup day for all the days missed due to bad weather. Better now than in July right?

I love that I get to do these kinds of things. I love that Olivia enjoys having me in her class, interacting with her classmates and seeing her in her ‘other’ world.

I also know that as the kids get older, the games/crafts/snacks will probably have to get more creative. Last year Alyssa’s class enjoyed a lot of BINGO and cake pops.

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