Monday, February 17, 2014

Mommy Fail

So, I feel awful about it but I have to confess that I threw away the Valentine’s Olivia got from her classmates. I just went through the bag, took out the pencils and other collectable items and tossed the rest into the garbage.

And…I didn’t bury them. I just left it all on top, so when she glanced into the trash, she got an eyeful of her Valentines. She just stood there and stared at her precious Valentines piled in the garbage.

Poor baby.

We dug them out and tonight I’ll apologize again for letting them ‘fall’ into the garbage.

But come on! In my defense, how long must we keep those things? They were cluttering up the kitchen counter. I honestly didn’t think she’d ever want to look at them again.

If I’d only thought to put them a few layers down under the cereal box and the package from the macaroni and cheese, she might not have ever thought about them again. Instead, I might have scarred her for life by tossing them and leaving the evidence.

So we’ll keep them a little longer. We might even sit down together tonight and I’ll let her read her friends’ names to me and we can oooh and ahhh over the pretty and silly Valentines she got from her kindergarten peers. And maybe, just maybe, I can soothe the burn of her seeing those sweet Valentines piled in the trash like so much clutter.

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