Thursday, February 20, 2014

Their Bond

My mom and my first born daughter have an amazing bond.

This is not to say that my mom and Olivia don’t adore each other, because they do. But there is something special between a Gram and her first born grandchild. That title goes to Alyssa and she holds it closely to her heart.

Because I was in my early thirties before Alyssa was even born, I think my mom started to worry about ever having grandchildren. So when Alyssa finally arrived, it was as if a whole new world opened for my mom. This granddaughter thing was awesome as far as she was concerned. I was lucky that my mom was able to watch Alyssa for me while I worked in those early years. Alyssa and I also stayed at my mom and step-dad’s house several nights a week for several years.

Alyssa has never known anything but unconditional love from several generations.

Last Sunday, the girls and I were going to go to my mom’s for a short visit. Alyssa had called earlier in the day to ask if this was okay. About an hour before we were going to leave, my mom called to let me know my youngest brother needed her to take him to town and she wanted to know if Alyssa wanted to go.

Of course she did. Olivia ran over to ask me what Lyssie was doing. I told her Alyssa was going with Gram but she, Olivia, was stuck with me. She grinned and ran off to do a no-handed flip on the mattress that currently sits on the living room floor.

Alyssa and my mom ended up spending several hours in town that day, just doing everyday things.

I love that Alyssa gets that individual time with her gram. I wish I had more time to give both my girls more one on one time. But I’m lucky that my mom is only a few miles away and that she seems to like us all enough to make even the occasional trip to town with Alyssa possible.

This mom thing is tough. I am so, so fortunate that I have my own mom still here to talk to, to ask for advice, to lean on when things feel heavy. We laugh, we cry, we love. We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

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