Tuesday, February 11, 2014


On Sunday, the girls and I sat in our warm room (the room that gets the blast of heat from the electric heater Tom set up to try and keep from having to call to order propane while it’s hideously expensive) and wrote out Valentines for their classes.

Obviously, Alyssa did all of hers, from signing her own name to writing the names of her classmates on the cards. Typical fifth graders are awesome as writing their names and the names of others.

I had Olivia write her own name one thirty-two valentines and then I wrote the names of each of her classmates because, yeah, having her write her classmates’ names on the cards would have frustrated both of us to no end.

She wants to dot the lower case i with a circle. This drives me insane. Did you know there are two lower case i’s in the name Olivia. There are! This made her name look messy and well, illegible.

I suggested to her that she try just dotting those i’s with a dot. She shrugged at me. I pressed the point a little more firmly, saying that an i doesn’t have a circle at the top of it, it has a dot.

The rest of her Valentines were beautiful with little dots above those i’s. I made sure to praise her for the excellence of her dots. I mean, sure, those circles are way more fun to write than a single little dot but the dots are so nice and precise. And, I reminded her, she has that big, lovely O at the beginning of her name for all her circular needs.

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