Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So Many Appointments

With the start of school looming (next Wednesday!!!) we’ve had so many appointments for the girls.

So many…

The girls had their teeth cleaned about two weeks ago and at that appointment, we started Alyssa journey toward perfect, straight, white American teeth. Yes. I know. Americans tend to be obsessed with orthodontic care. I’m one of them, sue me. I had braces at the ripe old age of 27 because until that point, I hated (HATED!) my teeth and my smile and while I’m not exactly happy about my current orthodontic state, it’s so much better than where I started that, eh, I can’t really complain. Get this, at forty-four, which is fifteen years after I got my braces off, my retainer still fits in my mouth and yes, I do still wear it. Probably not as often as I should but I do still wear it.


As I was saying, Olivia saw the doctors at Urgent Care twice last week and a hematologist at the hospital once. Alyssa saw the orthodontist once last week.

Tomorrow, Alyssa gets to see the orthodontist at 8:40 for a forty minute appointment. I don’t even know what’s going to be happening then other than we’ll be getting a referral to the oral surgeon who will rip out her remaining eight baby teeth. Yes, I have been encouraging her to wiggle those teeth and maybe save me a couple of bucks but she’s refused to let me get my pliers and have at it myself.

After her orthodontist appointment, we get to come back to my work for a couple of hours before heading off to our family doctor where Alyssa will have her sports physical so she can run track this year with her friend Big. She’s all about doing things with friends. In fact, her other friend, Man, got her braces on like yesterday and Lyss is quite excited to be embarking on this adventure at the same time a friend is doing so. Man has told Lyss that the braces are quite painful. This is scaring Lyss just a bit.

Next Monday morning Liv has an appointment with the pediatric dentist. Sadly, this is just the exam during which they’ll decide what work needs to be done, tell me how much it will cost and THEN we’ll schedule the appointment to actually get the work done. Sigh. It will probably necessitate her missing a couple of hours of school. This makes my head hurt.

So many appointments and only so many sick/personal hours left to use.

I honestly don’t know how parents of more than two kids manage it. My hat is off to all of you out there who are outnumbered by your children. You’re so much better at this whole adult-ing thing than I am.

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