Monday, August 31, 2015

Why I Get Nothing Done on Weeknights

So I had an epiphany last Friday as I was sitting around talking to a mom-friend of mine.

We were talking about how busy our weekends are with laundry and cleaning and cooking and shopping. Oh and, you know, the occasional parenting.

I said something about how I never get anything done during the week because I only have a total of four hours with the girls each night (that is IF they both stay awake until 9pm) and I don’t want to spend that time doing laundry or cleaning out closets.

I now have a solid reason, beyond incredible laziness, for not doing more around my house during the week.

Heck, I already feel like I spend too much time each evening cooking dinner and cleaning up after dinner. And honestly, those are things I can’t not do, because, well, we all need to eat every single day and after we eat, there are always dishes to be cleaned so we can go on to eat another day and on and on and on. Sigh.

But yeah, the reason my house is a disaster from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon is because I’m parenting. I’m being present with my children each evening, spending real, valuable time with them that involves sitting and watching television and laughing and snuggling, and yes reading aloud to each other. It does not include vacuuming the carpets or folding laundry.

There you have it. My Mother of the Year trophy can be engraved now, thank you very much.


Julie said...

Aaron's mom of the former Aaron and Beth told me that exact thing one time back in my pre-parenting days. She said, "I can either be present in my children's lives or I can have a spotless house. I choose my kids."

And is it weird that I'm jealous that you had friend time and I wasn't there?

Tommie said...

I love Aaron's mom's comment. I'm going to steal it.