Friday, August 7, 2015

Well, It's Not Mono

I got home yesterday afternoon expecting a on-the-mend Olivia to greet me at the door. Instead, found a very pale, obviously still-sick Olivia laying on the couch, lethargic and feverish.

She started antibiotics on Monday. Yesterday was Thursday.

I sat and held her for a bit, her head on my lap. I was rubbing her hair and neck when I felt swollen glands in her neck.

That decided it. We were going back to Urgent Care.

I bundled her up, drove the eighteen miles back into town and we were actually seen fairly quickly at Urgent Care. This was a different doctor than the one we saw on Monday.

He agreed that after having three days' worth of antibiotics in her system, she should absolutely be better than she was presenting.

He sent us to the hospital for blood work.

We got home at 7:30, she fell asleep by 8:15 and we had a very restless night with her up and down most of the night, achy, feverish and cranky because damn it, she should be feeling better.

We received a call from Urgent Care this morning that O's lab work was back. She does not have mono. Yay, right?

Right, except since it's not mono, we don't actually know what it is. Her white blood count is down but the nurse said that might be because she's on antibiotics and her body is also trying to fight whatever is going on in there.

The suggestion she gave us was to continue to antibiotics, keep pushing fluids and get her to eat what we can and if Sunday arrives and we don't see improvement either take her back to Urgent Care or make an appointment with our family doctor early next week.

Ugh! I just want her to be well. I want her to stop hurting and feel better. I want us all to sleep better and well, this all just sucks.

But yeah, it's not mono so...that's one possible diagnosis that's been crossed off the list.

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Julie said...

I'm glad it's not mono because yikes! But yeah, a diagnosis would have been nice. Like I said on facebook, the Idaho champion had very similar symptoms and his quick strep test came back negative. They diagnosed him with a virus and sent him on his merry way. Poor kids.

And just for fun, I got to pick out all the pictures of cake for my "I'm not a robot" test.