Friday, August 14, 2015


The entire family woke up tired today.

Tom was so bewildered. See, he usually wakes up refreshed and ready to start his day. He usually wakes up between 4:30 and 5:00...ready…to…start…the…day.

Take a minute and let that sink in. He rarely wakes up tired.

When he told me this morning, with a bit of confusion in his voice, that he woke up tired this morning, I just looked at him. Because, hello, I thought everyone woke up tired every day.

I mean, I’ve been waking up tired for over twelve years at this point.

What is this word ‘refreshed’ and what does it mean? I can’t even imagine just opening my eyes one morning and being ready to get up and start the day. I have a feeling I will always, ALWAYS open my eyes, check the clock, do a quick mental tally and decide if I have time for a ten minute snooze.

I know people are probably wonder why I don’t go to be earlier so that I get more rest in the night. I don’t want to. After the girls are asleep, I get maybe an hour of time alone. I need that time alone. I need to recharge emotionally even if I’m not recharging physically so that I can be kind and loving to my family.

After Tom left the room, Olivia looked up from the drawer she was rummaging through and asked, “Why am I so tired this morning?”

I managed, barely, to not roll my eyes at her and said, “Well, maybe if you weren’t up half the night whimpering in your sleep, you wouldn’t be tired this morning.”

She gave me a look of wide-eyed innocence. “I did that?” she asked.

Yep, she did that. And because she was only half asleep all night, it meant I was none-asleep.

So yeah, we’re ALL freaking tired this morning. I wanted to welcome the rest of my family to my world. But I didn’t because I’m afraid that if I make it too welcoming, they’ll stay and we’ll all spend the rest of our lives cranky and tired and that’s not appealing at all.

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Julie said...

I hope you all got some sleep! I am so tired right now, I could cry.