Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And So It Begins

Another school year. Fifth grade and kindergarten.

Morning showers and baths, drying hair on a chilly morning, packing lunches, hurrying through breakfasts, Thursday evening gymnastics classes.

We survived our first day yesterday and this morning the routine flowed just a little better. With our new bus stop being a mile and a half away instead of at the end of the driveway, we’ve had to factor in a few more intricate moves into this little dance we perform each morning. We all four have our part to dance and we’re getting it. We might trip here and there but practice will make perfect.

I pack the lunches. Tom sets out breakfast. The girls eat.

I brush Olivia’s hair and help her brush her teeth. Alyssa, thank the good Lord, is capable of doing these things for herself. Wheee.

Life is good.

We’re adjusting. Olivia fell asleep on the bus on the way home last night. She’ll adjust too. I tried to get her to go to sleep earlier last night but…we’ll get there.

This morning, Olivia asked me what we were doing today.

I told her she and Lyss were going to school and I was going to work. She smiled but then asked, “How many days do we have to go to school?”

I held up my fingers. I showed her three fingers and marked them off. I said, “You have school today, tomorrow and the next day. The day after that is Saturday. That’s our library day. You don’t have school that day.”

She smiled again, wider this time. “Yay,” she said as she stood up from the toilet and pulled up her pants.

It’s the little things that will get us through this transition. Little things like Saturday visits to the library.

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