Friday, August 9, 2013

It's A Date

Once upon a time, Tom and I went out quite a bit. Of course, that was in the beginning, when it was just us, no little kids (his older kids were teenagers when we meet, so, like I said, no little kids.) We could come and go, sleep as long as we wanted, blah blah blah.

These days, we don’t get out much. It’s a big treat when I pick up subs from Subway for dinner and we eat them together on the couch watching Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

But we’ve managed to get out of the house, just the two of us, twice in the past two weeks.

I know! I’m not sure what’s gotten into us.

The first date was to see the newest Wolverine movie. Let me confess right here that this was my idea. Tom was reluctant to go because, well, he thought the movie would be stupid.

But he was pleasantly surprised, as I knew he would be. I mean, come on! Wolverine is the coolest of the mutants in the whole mutant world. And hello, Hugh Jackman is just so pretty.

But I didn’t say that even once during the movie. Of course I didn’t. I was on a date with my husband, he didn’t want to sit there listening to me swoon over how pretty another man is, even if that man is Hugh Jackman. Did I mention how pretty he is? *Sigh*

The very next weekend we went out to Tom’s high school reunion. It was fun. It was nice to spend an evening with other adults (even if there were a few preschool jokes about the fact that I found my picture in their senior year book. I was a first grader that year. It’s true.)

The nice thing about these dates is that Tom and I have been reminded that we actually like each other. We enjoy spending time together that doesn’t revolve around making dinner and doing laundry and mowing the lawn and yelling at the kids.

This is a good thing since the kids probably aren’t going to be around to be yelled at forever. Though…in this day and age our chances might actually be pretty good for always having one or the other (or, yes, maybe even both) around for, well, ever.

But if they do both ever move away and Tom and I find ourselves with an empty house…I like the idea of us actually having something to say to each other. I like imaging us going out for breakfast every few weeks just to get out of the house. I like knowing we’re still friends who want to be together just for the sake of being together. It’s something to foster, to nurture, to continue to work on even as we work on being better parents.

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