Friday, August 2, 2013


I’ve got nothing today but I want to get that silly ‘sad’ bean story out of first place.

Things are good. Life is good. But good can be boring too. And that’s okay. I’m happy with boring.

Tom and I are going to his 35 year high school reunion tomorrow night. So there’s that. He laughed last night saying that we’d probably be the only people at the reunion who have to leave a decent time because we have little kids at home. And that’s true. I mean, do many people celebrating 35 years out of high school have a ten year old and a six year old? Probably not many women, I’m betting. I mean, Tom was 42 when Alyssa was born. He was 46 when Olivia was born. While yes, Halle Berry is currently pregnant by ‘surprise’ not many women have babies at 46.


My mom is watching the girls for us tomorrow evening. I have to confess that we’ve never left the girls with anyone but family. And by family, I mean my mom and/or step-dad. Is that weird? Probably.

I did jokingly suggest that if my mom wasn’t available to watch them, we could drop the girls off at my brother’s house. Tom didn’t get the joke. He replied, “I’d stay home first and let you go to the reunion alone.”

Which…uh, no. But seriously, it was a joke. My brother and his new wife have five dogs, two cats and a rabbit or three. All those creatures live INSIDE their house. That right there is a nightmare for Olivia. She hates visiting their house because of all the dogs. Four of the five dogs are small yappy, jumpy, obnoxious dogs who want to be petted and held. Olivia hates dogs. She hates dogs that jump on her and lick her. The few times we’ve visited my brother’s house, she insists on being held so she’s above the dogs’ reach at all times. I wouldn’t subject her to that.

I don’t have anything against people having animals in their home. That’s a choice we all have to make for ourselves. Tom and I made the decision that animals (other than Bomber the betta fish) aren’t welcome in our house. We came to the agreement that Orville the cat can live in the garage but even that is pushing it for Tom. He’s very anti-animal hair in the house and Orville does like to lay right next to the door and leave hairballs that sometimes get trailed in by unaware feet.

So yes, he didn’t appreciate my joke about leaving Olivia in a house filled with dogs and cats and even rabbits. Even though I’d never actually do that and I’m pretty sure he knows it.

For the record, my mom’s cat, Prissy, lives inside too but she and Olivia have a mutual respect for each other. They ignore each other completely and everyone is happy. Orville could learn a thing or two from Priss.

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Julie said...

I wanted to scream at Green and Blue last night when they came upstairs with their stupid bell collars and started playing. They figured out how to get past the barrier on the stairs. But they are so cute and warm and soft and squirmy and lovey when I'm awake.