Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pure ST Geekiness

The girls are already discussing potential Halloween costumes. Yes, I know it’s August. They don’t care. They love Halloween and so, discuss costumes we will.

I suggested to Alyssa that she be a Borg.

She declared, “No way.”

I asked, “Why not, the Borg are very cool.”

She replied, “No they’re not, they’re creepy.”

“Well,” I retorted, “Seven of Nine was cool once she was deborged.”

“Yeah, but that’s because she grew hair and was no longer gray!”

Alas, there was no convincing Alyssa to be a Borg. Resistance, in this case, was not futile.

Later the three of us were driving to town and I asked Alyssa if she’d decided what she wanted to be since she wouldn’t be a Borg.

She shook her head.

I asked Olivia, “Hey, Livie, wanna be a Borg for Halloween?”

She responded, “What the heck? What’s a Borg?”

After the laughter stopped, Alyssa told Olivia all about the creepiness that is the Borg. So…neither of my daughters will fulfill my geeky heart’s dream of having one of her children dress up as a Borg for Halloween.

I did tell Alyssa, “Since you two are too cool for the Borg, maybe I’ll be a Borg for Halloween.”

She told me, “Don’t plan on walking around with me, then.”

Ha! Hahahaha. Whatever, kid. You’re only ten years old, you have to stick with your mom even if she is dressed up as a creepy Borg.

Resistance is futile.

She’s just lucky I gave up on the idea of assimilating her.

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Julie said...

Ooh, Picard going Borg is one of my favorite episodes ever!!