Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Geez Mom, Finally!

If you ask Alyssa she will tell you that she’s wanted her hair cut for years. YEARS, she’ll tell you.

In reality, she started bugging asking me about getting her hair cut a few weeks ago. And by ‘hair cut’ she meant ‘haircut’. She didn’t want me to take her into the bathroom and use my dull scissors to cut a couple of inches off her hair in a blunt, straight-across style.

No, she wanted to go to a salon and have someone we don’t now put a cap around her neck and give her an actual haircut that I would pay for when finished.

I finally gave in and we hit up the salon at Walmart last weekend. What? Yes, Walmart has a hair salon. And the ladies there are very, very nice and quite good at their jobs.

And lest you think I got away with getting one girl’s hair cut without getting the others, let me state right here that Olivia was there too and she got a nice trim. I nixed her suggestion that we go ‘short, short, short’ with her hair. No. We’ve been there and yes, she has a great face for short hair, I don’t want to go that route again anytime soon. Someday…maybe. We’ll see.

We went in planning to get Alyssa’s hair cut into an angled bob but after talking to the stylist, we went with a shoulder-length, layered bob-ish style. Alyssa’s hair has a lot of wave/curl to it. Not quite the ringlets that Olivia’s hair seems to favor but definitely more body and bounce than an angled bob could handle. The layers were a good choice.

I had the other stylist cut about two inches off the ends of O’s hair, straightening out the back and wow, did this help. The thickness of her hair really shows now. So much cuteness.

Without further ado…Alyssa’s hair about four inches shorter, FINALLY having been cut by a professional:

And Olivia’s hair, professionally trimmed (and yes, Olivia had JUST eaten a red sucker, hence, what looks like clown lipstick. Yikes.):

They do so love to model.

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