Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love television. Seriously. I love it.

We don't even have cable, but I could probably watch five hours of television every single evening even with 'just' the television channels that are accessible via an antenna.

When Tom and I first met, I warned him that I watch a lot of T.V. He was all, "Whatever."

Then? He realized what I meant by a lot.

I think of television as not only an escape but also as fodder for my imagination. When I was a kid watching The Bionic Woman, I spend YEARS pretending I was a young Jaime Sommers, that I'd been in an accident when I was eight years old and made bionic and every year or so I had to go see Dr. Rudy Wells to have my bionic limbs changed so they continued to fit my growing torso.

Okay, so maybe I was a little weird. But I spend hours upon hours outside in the backyard pretending.

And to this day, I love those old shows.

I love that I have all three seasons of Wonder Woman on DVD so I can share them with Alyssa and Olivia, and that THEY spend hours playing pretend.

I'm passing on my own key to different worlds to my children.

Okay, I have no excuse for the reality shows I watch, but the other ones? The ones that can make you think? That give you something to imagine, and dream about? Those are awesome and I won't apologize for being a television junkie, not even to my husband.

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