Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Wrap Up

Okay, so I guess this is a thing. Wrapping up 2015 so we can move onward into 2016. Not that time will suddenly stand still if I choose not to do a wrap-up post but, what the heck…

Early 2015 brought lots and lots of snow. Ick. But on the bright side, the girls had a lot of snow days. Yay for them.

We went to our first 5p- Society Conference. It was…well, let’s just say I had mixed feelings about it. I didn’t feel like we fit in at all and yet the girls, my mom and I had a lot of fun swimming in the pool and hanging out in our hotel room.

We went to Cedar Point again this year. That’s always a fun time. But it was SO cold our first day there. Brrrrr.

Alyssa got braces. Her teeth are so much better already and they weren’t even that bad (that we could tell, the orthodontist saw something different) to begin with.

We lost sweet Orville.

We gained sweet Harvey.

Olivia went to school this fall and settled into the mainstream classroom. She rarely gets pulled out of class for therapies or special services. She’s had a few bumps but we’re getting there. Her teachers are amazing.

The heating element went out in our oven on Christmas Eve. The basement flooded in the days following Christmas when we had torrential rain. Tom’s building shelves for the basement on this very day to avoid the cleanup he faced in the days after the water in the basement.

Olivia slept through the night most nights in her own bed. Can I get a whoo-freaking-hooo? I mean, seriously. Girlfriend was eight years and one month old when she started doing this. I wasn’t sure what to think about this development, except to not even mention it because it might jinx the whole thing and we’d be back to square one.

It was a good year. We had our ups and our downs but the days were mostly up. I’m calling it a good year. Let’s see what 2016 brings.

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