Tuesday, January 12, 2016

About Those Report Cards

So yeah, yesterday I mentioned money given to my girls by my parents as a result of report cards.

Tom and I don’t give money as a reward for good grades. The grades themselves are the reward. The knowledge they’ve gained as they earned those grades are the reward. Bragging rights to grandparents are a good reward too.

But hey, if my parents want shell out cold hard cash to my kids when they bring home excellent grades, who am I to tell them not to do so?

Alyssa was very proud of her grades. Last grading period she had an A in five subjects and an A+ in two subjects.

This time around, she came home with an A+ in five subjects and an A in the other two. I mean, wow, right? This girl amazes me. She works so hard and is so humble about it all. When I asked her how her friends did, she said she didn’t ask because she didn’t want to seem like she was bragging if they asked her how she did. How awesome is she?

Okay, so I could learn a little humility from my kid, couldn’t I?

Olivia’s grading system is on the 1, 2, 3 scale. A 3 means she’s going above expectations, a 2 means she’s meeting expectations and a 1 means she’s below expectations.

She came home with mostly 2s and a few 3s. We’re very proud of her too. She works hard too and even though she doesn’t seem to get quite the thrill from good grades that Alyssa gets, Olivia does enjoy a few dollars from Gram whenever she can get it.

And honestly, since school is almost like going to a job every day for most kids, shouldn’t they get some sort of monetary compensation for all their hard work? Okay, I may have just convinced myself that good grades for the sake of good grades isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…hmmm.

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Julie said...

You should be so proud!! Heck, I'm proud and they aren't my kids!