Monday, January 18, 2016

The Slumber Party

So it happened. We had six (including Lyss) thirteen year olds over on Saturday to help Alyssa celebrate her birthday.

I’m pretty sure the girls had fun. There was running and jumping and visiting Harvey, and cake and pizza and hide and seek and laughing and singing.

Tom absented himself for about seven hours, which eased the tension for him. He is miserable when we have these sorts of things. He hates the noise, the constant traffic into the kitchen for food and drinks. He hates that the girls don’t go to sleep at a decent hour, he hates that they eat nothing but junk the entire time they’re at our house.

I try to remind him that sleepovers/slumber parties aren’t about sleeping. They’re about making memories and being silly and eating junk food.

Then, when he rolls his eyes at my, I tell him to repeat to himself over and over, “It’s only once a year, it’s only once a year.”

In the end, it was all fine. Tom and I watched The Martian while Alyssa and her friends came and went from the kitchen. They giggled and played their musical instruments (like, they literally played their flutes/ukulele s/clarinets), sang, listened to music and talked and talked and then talked some more.

Yeah, they were thirteen year old girls.

I feel so lucky that Alyssa has such great friends. They were all respectful and yet so typically thirteen.

And all five girls were picked up between 10:59am and 11:03 the next morning. Not only are her friends awesome, they have awesome parents!

After the girls left, Alyssa and I went to my mom’s to pick up Olivia, who’d spent the night there with Jaxon. The little kids (ha! J and O are eight and nine.) were still in their jammies enjoying a quiet morning at their Gram’s house, playing on their tablets, eating macaroni and cheese and just being chill.

Wish I could spend the night at the girls’ Gram’s house sometime…

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