Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Earrings, Earrings, Earrings

A few weeks ago, Olivia asked me when she could start changing her earrings.

We looked at the calendar and found the date that Alyssa had so kindly circled and written, “Can change earrings.”

It was February 20, six weeks to the day after O got her ears pierced.

She squealed with glee at the idea of changing her earrings.

She couldn’t wait!

My mom had already bought Olivia a pair of sparkly red heart earrings and those were the first ones she wanted to wear when we took her Elsa starter earrings out.

She was so happy.

We went to Walmart later that day (the one where the evil grandmother was a few weeks ago, thankfully, we didn’t hear her at all on this visit) and O found a pair of red earrings that were very reminiscent of the ones Wonder Woman wears during all three seasons of the show. She had to have them. They were cost a dollar so how could I refuse?

The minute we got to the car, she asked to change from the red hearts to the red balls.

So two earring changes in one day.

But then she wore those red balls for a few days before deciding on Tuesday that she needed to exchange them or a pair of green earrings that would match her camouflage clothes. Apparently, Tuesday was camouflage day at school. Who knew? Not me. And not Alyssa. But Olivia knew and she was determined to wear camouflage that day. Eh, whatever, right?

Then, this morning, she declared that since today is not camouflage day, she needed to change her earrings again.

I see a pattern. I see this child wanting her earrings matching her outfit every single day. And okay, no problem right? I mean, it takes all of ten seconds to change from one pair of earrings to another.

The problem is that she can take up to ten minute to PICK OUT which earrings she wants to wear. The child owns three pairs.

Her sister, however, has way more and O has already started perusing her sister’s stash.

I think we’re going to have to pick out earrings the night before because we don’t have a spare ten minutes in our morning routine for this sort of shenanigans.

And she’s already asking when she can wear dangly earrings.

Fourth grade, I declared.

“Why fourth grade?” she wanted to know.

“Because that’s when your sister was allowed to wear them,” I answered. It was a random age I picked out years ago when Lyss started clamoring to wear dangly earrings. Fourth grade seems just mature enough for this to happen. And since we’ve already set the precedence with the big sister, the little sister can follow suit.

Yeah, this ear piercing thing was a fabulous idea.

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