Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Day More

It was decided, after looking at her pale face and red nose that Olivia would take one more day off school to continue her recovery and let the antibiotics clear out the strep from her throat.

Tomorrow, she’ll head back to school with a note stating that she should be excused from strenuous activity, such as gym class.

For me, it was an easy call but I did have to take Tom’s opinion into consideration. He is, after all, the parent who would be home with her on this second day of sickness. I get the idea he’s feeling a bit like Prisoner 24601 just before he got his yellow ticket of leave.

He looked at Liv, looked back at me and asked, “What do you think?”

And go me, I didn’t return the question to him. I told him, “I think she needs another day at home.”

And so there she is, snuggled on the chair, her tablet on her lap, her water by her side, a box of tissues (with lotion!) nestled next to her.

I think tomorrow she’ll be ready to go back and hit the books but sometimes, you just need one more day at home.

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Julie said...

Ha! I thought of Les Mis as soon as I saw your title. Hope she's back to her sparkling self soon.