Thursday, February 11, 2016

Socially Awkward Genius

Alyssa and I enjoy watching the television show Scorpion on Monday nights. It’s a fun, smart show with lots of action.

She asks me most evenings what we watch that night. For some reason, I am the TV guide of our family.

When I mentioned Scorpion this past week, she said with glee, “Oh, good! Socially awkward geniuses.”

I laughed and agreed. Then I said, “Like you, right? But wait,” I continued before she could reply, “you’re not socially awkward.”

She gave that statement some thought and then said, “Well, I kind of am when I’m away from my friends.”

And you know what? I get that. I get that so much.

Our friends, whether they’re junior high friends, high school friends, college friends or adult friends are our cushion, our comfort zone. These are the people we’ve found who get us, who understand that there will be moments when we’re total dorks or a little reserves or just plain crazy.

Friends are the people who choose to be around us even when we’re at our worst and we’re (usually) lucky to have them.

I love that she’s surrounded herself with loving friends who embrace all that makes her special. I also love that she’s the kind of friend around whom others want to gather.

So she’s socially awkward sometimes? Big deal. Heck, half the battle is KNOWING these things. Some of the characters on Scorpion don’t even seem to know they’re awkward.

And heck, I think I’ve done alright with my life and I’m WAY more awkward than my sweet Lyss.

I think she’s going to be just fine, awkwardness and all. I mean, who cares if your awkward sometimes when you’re a genius? (Of course I realize that my girl is not at the genius level of Walter O’Brien, but she’s my daughter, so obviously I think she’s awesome…so there.)

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