Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quiz Bowl Nerves

She was nervous. She didn’t come out and say so, but I could tell.

She was quiet on the twenty minute drive to the school where the Quiz Bowl was being held.

She asked, “What if I don’t say anything at all?”

“That’s okay,” I assured her. “I’m just proud of you for showing up. That takes guts.”

She’s so much better than I am at everything in this world. When I was her age there is no way I’d have done what she’s doing.

She amazes me every single day.

She visibly relaxed when the rest of her team arrived at the school. They all relaxed even more when their teacher/coach showed up.

Her team won their first round. Sure, one kid answered probably ninety percent of the questions but they were all there, they all participated and I am so proud.

The second team our kids played was really high strung. One girl, at least, was wound very tightly. I think that threw our team off a little. They were quieter, less likely to buzz in to answer because the other team was so ‘in your face’ about it all.

But that’s okay too. They learned, they participated, they earned that experience and those memories.

Alyssa was glad when it was over and we could go home. She was tired from a long weekend of English projects and friends and just wanted to go home, shower, eat some ice cream lovingly scooped by her dad and snuggle on the couch.

I got a new blanket last week and it matches our living room so perfectly. The blanket is amazingly soft and just heavy enough that you feel it when it’s draped over your lap. I’ve shared it with both girls but not before telling them both, “This is mine. I will share it with you but you will not take it over.”

Yeah, I’m like that with blankets but only because I have to be.

The Quiz Bowl is over for another year and Alyssa is glad. She fell asleep under my new yellow and gray blanket, relaxed in the knowledge that her next public performance with be with her flute and two other girls at the solo/ensemble contest in April. I think, as smart as she is, she’s much more comfortable playing music than she is answering academic questions.

But I’ll keep encouraging her to branch out, to try new things, to explore all her talents because I feel like the world deserves to know just how amazing my girl is.

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Julie said...

Oh! I didn't realize it was a "just once a year" kinda thing. Good for her for trying it out!