Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Days

So yeah, we’re in the area that got blasted with snow over the last two days.

Today is the girls’ second day off school thanks to the weather.

They’re happy campers. Though Lyss was a little disgruntled this morning when I suggested she use this day of to shower. What is it with teens and showers? They either take three hour showers or avoid the shower like the plague for days on end. Whatever. At least Liv still loves to bathe.

Once again, I’m incredibly grateful to have a spouse who works from home. He can do these snow days with nary the batting of an eye.

I left work early yesterday (I’d had a half day vacation scheduled because I was supposed to take Olivia to the dentist. That didn’t happen.) and got home around 2:30. Liv immediately asked me to sit on the couch with her. What I thought she meant to be a few minutes of snuggle time was actually mean to be her leaning against me while she played Minecraft on her tablet. Ugh.

About an hour after I got home I mentioned casually that the snow outside was awesomely heavy and would pack nicely.

Olivia picked up on what I was saying immediately and asked, “Can Dad go outside with me and play?”

Why yes, Dad absolutely could go outside with her!! I got her dressed in snow pants, coat, hat, mittens and boots. She asked if she could take her toy binoculars out with her since we’d declared that her glasses didn’t need to be worn in the blowing snow. We okayed the binoculars.

She was ready! And out they went, where they proceeded to build the derpiest snowman ever created. Then (unpictured because it’s unfit for mixed company) they turned that snowman into a snow lady who was very much expecting a snow baby (it was horrific, trust me.)

They ended up staying outside for almost two hours, only coming in when they were both soaked to the skin.

Alyssa and I? We stayed warm and dry safely inside the house, though obviously, I did venture out a few times (only to the porch) to take pictures of them.

It was a wonderful afternoon for all of us. I wish I could have stayed home with them today, alas, the roads, while bad enough to close school, weren’t bad enough to close my work. Poor me.

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Julie said...

I love these kind of memories. I hope your girls cherish them as much as you do!