Monday, February 1, 2016

Rolling With Life

My typical Sunday is spent doing laundry, cleaning up the house, hanging with the girls, etc.

But that was meant to be yesterday.

Alas, Olivia woke up on Friday with the sniffles. On Saturday, the sniffles were still there, her nose running freely most of the day. Ick.

Sunday dawned and she announced that her throat hurt and she was really pale.

Tom and I both looked in her throat and without even saying a word, it was agreed that I would be taking that child to Urgent Care.

Olivia and I got dressed (okay, so I got dressed and I got some pants for O to wear under her nightie), Alyssa gathered way more stuff than she needed and we headed to my mom’s where Alyssa had requested to be dropped off while O and I were in town.

We ended up spending two and a half hours at Urgent Care. It was insanely busy and the wait was crazy long. Thankfully, Olivia didn’t have a fever and so wasn’t too miserable. She did have an incredibly sore throat, so I kept the water flowing into her.

By the time we were seen and released with a prescription for an antibiotic and a steroid for the strep throat she was diagnosed with, I was feeling like the day was slipping away.

So much to do, so much waiting done instead.

We went to McD’s to get O a Happy Meal so she could eat it in the back of the cart at Walmart while we waited for her prescriptions to be filled. She was starving and ate everything in that Happy Meal in spite of a throat ravaged by strep.

So yeah, that’s where we are. This was what she looked like most of yesterday.

I’ll be keeping track of the strep this year and won’t be surprised if we make a trip to the ENT by the end of the year. She will likely end up like her sister…sans tonsils.

But guess what? That laundry did get washed and dried. Folded and put away? Not so much, but everyone has clean clothes down in the basement, just waiting to be found and worn throughout the week.

Even the best laid plans are sent spiraling when your kid wakes up with strep throat. Ugh!

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