Monday, January 23, 2017

Either Or

I was in such a tizzy for most of last week. I think we can all guess why. Perhaps I should invent some ‘alternative facts’ to see if they make more sense than the actual truth.


Anyway, yes. Last week was tough. This week doesn’t feel much better, to be honest. I mean, please, it’s Monday. Mondays suck. Not as much as Tuesdays but still.

So I realized that along with all the bullshit that went down last week, I was also PMSing. That’s always great fun.

I picked up some hair color over the weekend because, duh, when one is 46, one either goes gray gracefully or one covers one’s roots.

I’m a root-coverer.

I even mentioned to Alyssa (and my husband and my mom) that I should probably consider going gray gracefully since, yes, I am 46.

But then I amended that. I declared that before I can stop coloring my roots, I have to lose weight because I cannot be fat and gray. I will be either fat, or gray. And right now, since I’m fat, I can’t be gray.

It’s a bit like having pimples (Hello PMS!) and wrinkles. It just seems so wrong. And just plain mean.

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Julie said...

This! I agree with all of it.