Tuesday, January 17, 2017


When I got to my mom’s on Sunday to pick up Olivia, the first thing I noticed was that her eyes were a little glassy. I asked her if she was okay. She did her weird dance that tells me she’s fine but doesn’t want to actually say the words.

We hung out at my mom’s for about an hour, waiting for my brother, who seems to have no concept of time, to show up and pick up his son. Jax gets a little weepy if we leave him at Gram’s alone. Not that he minds being at Gram’s but he’s a very social creature and so when Lyss and Liv leave him, he feels so very alone. But if we leave once his dad is there, he’s fine because he knows they’ll leave soon too and all is well.

Anyway, when we got home, I started making lunch for the girls and called Olivia in to give her some medicine for the sniffles that had become apparent when we were driving home.

As she settled in at the kitchen table, Liv announced that she was cold. I got her a blanket and felt her forehead. She MIGHT have had a fever of maybe 99 degrees…maybe.

As she sat there, all sad and forlorn, trying to eat her soup, she declared that she was achy.

I told her that if she didn’t feel like she could eat her lunch, I’d make her a ‘nest’ in the corner behind the recliner. She perked up a bit at that, because, hello, who doesn’t love a nest made just for them?

I got the beanbag chair that is shaped like lips and put it in the corner. Then I got O’s sleeping bag. She grabbed her tablet because, duh she wasn’t actually going to rest, you fool.

I settled her into the nest, putting the sleeping bag over her in such a way as to trap the heat coming from the register there in the corner. She relaxed against the beanbag chair and started watching The Mommy and Gracie Show on Youtube, much to Alyssa’s disgust because she finds Mommy and Gracie to be the epitome of annoying. Kind of like how I feel when Alyssa watches Pat and Jen on Youtube. Talk about annoying!

Anyway! Yeah, Olivia has a cold.

And guess what? She’s not taking it well. The child who had strep throat every three weeks for eight months has the sniffles and she wants to know, “Why does this always happen to ME?” (That’s an actual quote from her from this weekend.)

This is her first cold of any kind since her tonsils came out back in June. I’d say that’s an excellent record.

I’d also say that she got used to being well and realizes now that not being well sucks.

Poor baby. She’s just become too precious to handle sickness.

She suggested that if I had any sort of magical powers, that I use them to take the sickies out of her and put them in her sister. When I told her that even if I did have those kinds of powers I wouldn’t make her sister sick because, hello, her sister was as much my child as she was, she changed her mind and said that I could just put the sickies in her dad’s butt.

Now there’s an option.

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