Friday, January 13, 2017

Shipping Her Off

As is our tradition, Alyssa’s 14th birthday will be celebrated with a slumber party for her and seven of her closest friends. This is not Tom’s favorite weekend of the year. He loathes having people over, especially so many, also especially for so long.

I reminded him, gently, that this is only one night a year and he can suck it up. Alyssa is a really good kid and this is something we need to do for her/let her do.

He rolled his eyes and agreed to the parameters of the party. Drop off is at 5pm tomorrow afternoon and pick up it at 11am Sunday morning.

It’ll be fine.

And best of all, my mom is kind enough to let us ship Olivia off to her house. Jaxon will be there to entertain Liv for the evening. I’ll drive her the three and a half miles to my mom’s house at 4:30 Saturday afternoon and pick her up at 11:30, or after the last party guest leaves, whichever comes first, on Sunday morning.

It would be fine if Olivia stayed home but it would also be tougher on both her and me. She’d want to be upstairs with Alyssa and her guests. Alyssa would NOT want her sister hanging out with her and so I’d have to keep coming up with ways to entertain the little beast ahem, I mean, my littlest love the entire evening until I finally managed to force her into submission by way of sleep.

Sending her to her Gram’s for the night is best for everyone, except, perhaps for my mom and stepdad, who will be stuck with a nine year old and a ten year old. I’ll remind them to be thankful that Jax’s little brother, C isn’t there too. C is two and a half and A LOT of work. So that gentle reminder should help them get through the night.

I’m a giver, I tell you.

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