Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Putting It in Writing

Let’s just put this out there. I am NOT going to be in charge of Olivia’s class Valentine’s day party.

I’m just not.

For the past three years (Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade) one other mom and I have basically traded off being the Mom In Charge of the class parties.

This other mom, Mrs. Deck, is lovely and more than willing to do her share. I, too, am more than willing to do my share.

However, during this fourth year of class parties, we’re both over it. We’ve discussed this and we’re NOT going to be in charge of the party.

Mrs. Deck planned and ran this year’s Halloween party. I took charge of the Christmas party.

In years past at the open house (the evening before the first day of school) the teachers always had sign-up sheets for the holiday parties. These sheets were for parents to sign up to either help at the party or run it.

This year, Mrs. H didn’t have that. Instead, in early October, she sent home sheet that asked parents interested in helping at the parties to sign up with their emails and phone numbers. A couple of weeks later she sent home sheet of paper with all the parents’ (okay, moms’, let’s be real, there were only mom names on that piece of paper) names and numbers on it. Noted was, “Here is a list of everyone who signed up to help. Please call each other and plan this party.”


For the Valentine’s day party , I am taking a snack, some drinks and a game/craft to do. It’s up to everyone else to figure out what they want to bring. Mrs. Deck and I are sick of being the only two moms with kids in that class who take initiative. I mean, seriously!

And, get this, we are both also the only two moms who work full time. Any of the other moms who work only work part time and that’s just a handful. The rest don’t work at all (outside the home…granted, they probably work really hard while at home…just saying.)

So yes, this is my rant. I am not planning, texting, calling anyone for the party that is coming up in exactly a month.

Of course, I said that before the Christmas party and look what happened. But I’m serious this time. I mean, look at all those words up there. It’s been put in writing. I am not planning this hears third grade Valentine’s day party. I’ll be there with red (or pink) on and will facilitate a game or a craft. But everyone else needs to step up and figure it out. I’m done handing out assignments.

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