Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rings, Life and Death, and ooh, Look, Shiny

Olivia loves jewelry and shiny things. She has many, MANY cheap, sparkly rings which she wears almost constantly. She’s very much a girly girl and loves to accessorize.

My mom has given Liv most of the rings she currently has in her possession. Olivia likes to gaze upon these ‘jewels’ and asks me often if they’re real diamonds. I always gently tell her that they’re not actually real diamonds but they sure do sparkle, don’t they? She will smile and nod in answer to the sparkly question.

I have very small diamonds on my wedding band and the engagement ring that came with the band has a larger center diamond.

Over Christmas break, I showed Liv my engagement ring and its diamond. I don’t wear the engagement ring with the wedding band these days because, well, my fingers are fat and I don’t like the feeling of the two rings together smashing my finger-fat between them. The wedding band doesn’t come off but that’s okay, it’s not actually cutting off the circulation to my ring finger yet so…yeah.

As she gazed in awe at the ‘real’ diamond, I told her that when I die, she can have the engagement ring. I also told her that Alyssa can have my wedding ring if she wants it. I told them both not to bury me with them because, yeah, what a waste of perfectly good, lovely jewelry. And I’m not even that big on jewelry but why bury it in the ground with a corpse?

My mom happened to visit one day last weekend and I was telling her about my conversation with Olivia about the rings and Tom piped in with, “So you’re assuming I’m going to die before you?”

What? Where did that come from?

I asked him, “Why would you want my rings if I’m dead? Are you planning to remarry and give them to your new wife?”

He managed to laugh and just said, “Well, maybe I’d want to keep them as a memory of you and then give them to the girls when I’m closer to death.”

Which…all together, aww. And yet…whatever. I told him that was sweet and we discussed how men tend to not live as long as women and hello, dude is ten years older than I am.

Sure, I do travel more often than he does (even if it is just to and from work, that’s still almost forty miles a day, five days a week, while he works from home so…no travel.) And okay, he’s actually in better physical shape than I am but my family medical history is actually better than his and I get regular dental care...just saying.

And yeah, this is all getting kind of depressing. All I wanted was to say that I told my girls they could have my rings when I’m dead. And when I told Olivia she could have my REAL diamond engagement ring, girlfriend started planning my funeral.

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