Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So Anyway

Yeah, happy New Year and all that.

The girls started back to school yesterday after thirteen days off. That’s including weekends because, well, they had those days off too.

And yesterday afternoon was rough.

Alyssa had what she called ‘five thousand pages of homework.’

Olivia had just one but then we had to work on multiplication facts. Ugh!

Tom was annoyed because we (the girls and I) stayed at my mom’s house longer than he thought we would/should and so dinner was later than he’d have liked. And let me stop here and say that he wasn’t annoyed because I didn’t have HIS dinner on the table at a specific time, no, he was annoyed because the girls ate at 7 instead of 6 and they both resisted eating what he’d served because they ate quite a bit at my mom’s and it was just…annoying all the way around.

Alyssa was frustrated with all her homework and didn’t want to do the actual work that was necessary to finish said homework. At one point of ‘helping’ her with her homework (I was looking up the damned answers in her book for her…I know! Enabling much?) I said to her, “Huh…it’s a good thing most things come easily for you.”

She glared at me for a minute before sighing and getting back to work, actually doing the work herself instead of whining and wanting me to do it for her.

I suppose we can call that one a parenting win for me. I’ll take all the wins I can get at this point.

We’re all tired from the belly flop we did back into the real world yesterday. But we’ll keep on keeping on. I’ll go home today, help Liv with her homework, quiz her on the rules for multiplying 0s and 1s and 2s. We’ll practice her spelling words, she’ll take a bath and all will be well for another day.

Then we get to do it all again tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Ugh, we went through the same thing this week. Riley has 3 exams tomorrow. The real world is rough.