Friday, January 6, 2017

Switching Things Up

As we move full speed ahead toward Alyssa’s fourteenth birthday, we’re moving things around in our house.

I’ve been telling Alyssa for quite a while now that whenever she decides she’s ready, we’ll move Olivia out of her room and Alyssa can have the room they currently share all to herself.

She’s hemmed and hawed for about a year, saying vaguely, “Soon…”

But last week, she declared that she thinks she’s ready.

So we’re working on it.

I’m cleaning out the master bedroom because it’s become a storage room over the past couple of years because yeah, no one has been sleeping in there. But as of next weekend (the 14th) I will be sleeping in there and I can’t do that if there are boxes everywhere. I need my room to be calm and uncluttered and not a storage room.

I also need to make room in the master bedroom for a couple of dressers that are currently in the room that will be Olivia’s in about a week. Her bed, her new Monster High curtains that we’re picking up tomorrow, her clothes, everything will make its way in there and I need to make room for all that. Thankfully, the master bedroom is HUGE and can manage a couple of dressers. Oh and we can’t get rid of those superfluous dressers because they once belonged to Tom’s mom and he meticulously cleaned them up, re-stained them and basically returned them to their former glory and even if we don’t actually need them in our house, they are here to stay.

Alyssa wants to keep the bunkbeds and the full-sized bed that currently reside in her room. She wants those in order to have a place (places?) for her friends to sleep when they visit.

Lucky for her, we have a twin bed still set up in the master bedroom (don’t ask why…just don’t) and it will move to Olivia’s new room this weekend.

This is a grand new adventure and we’re all excited about it. I think Olivia is going to be fine. She’ll still be next door to her sister and I have a feeling she might visit me a few times here and there but I’ll continue the habit we’ve developed over the past year and just walk her back down the hall to her room if she tries to join me in my bed before 6am.

Here’s to a whole new chapter in the life of Ordinary sleep.

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