Monday, January 9, 2017


Last Friday I woke the girls as I always do (by turning off the noise machine and then cheerfully apologizing for it being morning…I know.) and then went about my morning. Olivia lumbered down the hall to join me in my bathroom (as she always does.) She examined the clothes I had on the counter for her and asked, “Why do I have to wear those?”

Because I wasn’t grouchy that morning, I asked cheerfully, “What would you rather wear?” (On my less cheerful morning, I might growl at her or whine and say something more obnoxious like, “Why do you have to make things so hard, just put on the stupid clothes.” I’m grateful for my less grouchy days is what I’m saying…)

So yes, I had a positive mommy moment when I asked her what she wanted to wear.

She gave it about two seconds of thought and then declared, “I want to wear something random. Like a blue shirt and some pink pants.”

“Sooo, you want to wear something that doesn’t match?” I asked her, wanting to be sure I was hearing my little fashionista correctly.

She gave me a smile and said, “Yes! That’s what I want to wear.”

Okay then.

We made our way to her room and looked in her closet. It’s really freaking cold here in the Midwest these days and so I pulled out a navy blue turtleneck and offered it to her.

She nodded, donned the shirt and we found some hot pink pants. She put on the pants and I gave her a once-over. I told her she needed to wear something over the turtleneck because her pants were actually leggings and even when you weigh 80 pounds, well, leggings are not pants.

I pulled out a dress that was gray with hot pink, navy blue, green and purple polka dots of all sized on it.

She declared it perfect, pulled it on over her shirt and pants and declared it the most random outfit ever.

Shhhhh, don’t tell her that the dress pulled the entire outfit together and sort of ruined the ‘randomness’ of it all.

She looked adorable and best of all, she felt good in her ‘random’ outfit. It was the win-win sort of situation I wish we could have more often.

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