Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It Must Be Tuesday

Once upon a time there was this television show call Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved this show so, so much. I wanted to be strong and smart and quick with the witty comebacks like Buffy. I wanted to be loyal and kind like Willow. I even sometimes wanted to be the sort of person who simply told it like it is like Cordelia.

Anyway, in its seventh season, Buffy aired on Tuesday nights. There was this awesome episode in season seven called Once More with Feeling. It was the musical episode. I love it so much. It mixed the awesomeness of Buffy and vampires with music and that’s just too fun ignore.

There was a line on this episode that just made me giddy when Buffy first uttered it. Her little sister had been kidnapped by that episode’s ‘big bad’ and when Buffy found out, she said with resignation, “Dawn’s in trouble, it must be Tuesday.”

I often feel like that. ‘Something’ is happening and it seems to happen all the freaking time and so…it must be Tuesday.

Like today…Tuesday. School was closed due to the weather. It must be Tuesday.

UPS was late to arrive, it must be Tuesday.

Oh, there’s a meeting that requires lunch being brought in. It must be Tuesday.

I’m beginning to understand exactly how Buffy felt about Tuesdays. They just really, really suck.

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